Monday, April 29, 2013

what you deserve

lately i have been having far too many conversations and seeing far too many girls ache because of the boys and men of today. those who want to change you, who don’t respect you, who want to change your boundaries or force you into things, guys who put you down, who hurt you in front of others for the sake of being cool, who abuse you, who swear at you, who dump you and gossip about you and break your heart. there are too many of these guys. but they are the normal now for which girls have no other standard to hope or look for. 
we don’t deserve this. 
we weren’t ready for this.
we grow up hearing that we are the most beautiful and special girl in the world, and one day you will meet a man who loves you so much he will protect you and honour you all the days of his life. and then we grow up. as much as i am so proud to say this, it hurts me to because i see the pain others are going through to find this, but i found that one. that one that blesses me, prays for me, yearns to see me after work, speaks words of affirmation to me daily, the one who says i chose you. and my heart is complete. i don’t know how i found it, or found it so early or so easily but i thank God each day for it.
i know that we shouldn’t let down our expectations or our standards, or compromise what we believe for them simply because we want to be given attention, cared and loved for. because if we don’t stay true to ourselves, we will loose the most important thing to what gain if it ends. 
boys are that which we grade ourselves on -- whether we are good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, lovable enough and so the list goes on. we try to find purpose and self worth in other things but so often it lies back in their hands. if only we could all leave it up to God….

BUT you know what girls - you’re more than a body, more than an item, more than an object for using and loosing for you are spirit embodied destined for glory! stay strong, stay focused. know that you are beautiful when a guy thinks your not, know that you are individual and can offer the world something no one else can, despite what he says. know that you are here with purpose, much greater than just being someone’s girlfriend. you are incredible and you are worth the wait. don’t give up. don’t settle for someone who is not who you imagined as a young girl. 
you’re worth the wait.

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