Friday, November 30, 2012

The Time When You Feel So Damn Tired

I’m tired of being ill,
               no energy, can’t think,
               losing my skills.

I’m tired of trying to make things right,
               i give up – I surrender,
               no will to fight.

I’m tired of not being able to cry,
               i’d melt away,
               nothing left inside.

I’m tired because I can’t feel,
               walking in a daze – numb
                this can’t be real.

I’m tired of being “strong,”
               i’m weak, i’m fragile,
               its gone on way to long.

I don’t know what else to say,
              i’m hoping, i’m dreaming,
              i’m begging, i’m pleading,
              please, take this feeling away.

Right now… I’m just tired…

Monday, November 26, 2012

Kehadapan ITU,

Diri ini benci!
Benci bila ada depan mata.
Benci bila dengar kata kata bohong ITU.
Benci bila teringat cara ITU.
Benci perwatakan ITU.
Benci dengan lakonan ITU.
Benci bila terpaksa terjebak dalam DRAMA ITU.

Benci bila tidak dapat melupakan diri ITU.


Diri ini sayang..
Sayang segalanya yang dilepaskan ITU.
Sayang kenangan yang manis ITU.
Sayang masa depan ini.


Rindu segalanya yang berlaku. 
Tapi diri ini sebenarnya KELIRU. 
Keliru dengan perasaan ini.
Syukur kini telah sedar terhadap rindu yang selama ini.
Rindu yang sebenarnya bukan lah terhadap orangnya ITU.
tetapi rindu terhadap memori bersama. 
Seperti satu kesilapan menerima diri ITU 
tapi jangan risau diri ini tidak menyesal.
Masa tidak menunggu manusia.
Manusia juga tidak menunggu masa.
Manusia cuma pergi bersama masa.
Biar masa berlalu, biar masa menentukan.

Jangan terkejut, jangan hairan.
Diri ini sekarang lebih bahagia daripada diri ITU.
Sangat bahagia! Serius
dan diri ini mengharapkan supaya lupakan diri ITU.
Sukar. Sekurang kurangnya,
lupakan memori ITU pun sudah mencukupi.
Diri ITU tidak layak untuk diri ini 
kerana ada DIA si bakal suami yang lebih layak.
Maaf juga bagi pihak diri ini. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Payung Terbang!

Mereka di Águeda, Portugual telah mencipta ‘Umbrella Sky’ semasa musim panas 2012. And I find it  really interesting. Let see how interesting it is. Tadaaaaaaa!!

Gila awesome kannnnnnnn! Kbye.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I choose HOPE

Truthfully, I don't need any support or comfort right now.
All I need is for someone to criticize me.
To tell me that I am inadequate and incompetent of achieving what I need.
 Those criticisms give me hope, motivation, and a purpose.
God, I am psycho. Huishhhh :D

Everyday, people make me realize I do have to wake up.
Now, I am done.

Being crushed made me realize something very important.
I wasn't in love with what I thought I was in love with.
I wasn't in love with it, I was in love with the idea and resemblance of it. 
Having it meant having the good times and past to me.
I was in love with the past, the memory, not you.
I can't believe how long it has taken me to realize this,
but I am ready to embrace a different thing.
Something that gives me hope and resembles a better tomorrow 
(rather than a happy yesterday).

I don't know what the meeting tomorrow may hold,
but I know I will make my life better than yours.
Thank you for giving me the motivation to become my better self.
Becoming realistic and mature is a cycle that everybody enters through, 
the difference is that some enter earlier and some later.
If you can't understand my decisions and actions,
I am sorry, but I was a couple steps ahead of you.
I thing I want you to know, I still miss you.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Seandainya Aku

Tak dapat ku kotakan
Seperti yang sudah-sudah
Bagai memetik butir bintang
Yang jauh tampak terang
Tak sanggup ku mungkir dalam sayang

Tak mampu ku berikan
Mimpi di luar jangkauan
Terimalah yang setulusnya
Aku di depan mata
Seadanya aku manusia

Aku peraih kasih sayang
Rindu pada ketulusan belaian
Engkau yang mendamaikan rasa ragu
Dengan cinta tak seperti dulu

Istana yang ku bina
Biarpun kali kedua
Terimalah yang setulusnya
Aku di depan mata
Seadanya aku manusia

Aku peraih kasih sayang
Rindu pada ketulusan belaian
Engkau yang mendamaikan rasa ragu
Dengan cinta tak seperti dulu

Seadanya Aku - Nubhan

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Study Tools for MUET Candidates :)

It is important to write and use academic / formal English for the MUET writing component. 
A systematic way to improve on vocabulary, in addition to reading, is for students to use the thesaurus. Either the paperback thesaurus or online thesaurus.

For last minutes student as me, just do read newspaper lorhhh.
Newspapers are a good source of information. Find the general issues. Crime, travel, politics, social issues and many others. Here's the online newspaper you can read.

Good luck guys! :)

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