Thursday, November 22, 2012

I choose HOPE

Truthfully, I don't need any support or comfort right now.
All I need is for someone to criticize me.
To tell me that I am inadequate and incompetent of achieving what I need.
 Those criticisms give me hope, motivation, and a purpose.
God, I am psycho. Huishhhh :D

Everyday, people make me realize I do have to wake up.
Now, I am done.

Being crushed made me realize something very important.
I wasn't in love with what I thought I was in love with.
I wasn't in love with it, I was in love with the idea and resemblance of it. 
Having it meant having the good times and past to me.
I was in love with the past, the memory, not you.
I can't believe how long it has taken me to realize this,
but I am ready to embrace a different thing.
Something that gives me hope and resembles a better tomorrow 
(rather than a happy yesterday).

I don't know what the meeting tomorrow may hold,
but I know I will make my life better than yours.
Thank you for giving me the motivation to become my better self.
Becoming realistic and mature is a cycle that everybody enters through, 
the difference is that some enter earlier and some later.
If you can't understand my decisions and actions,
I am sorry, but I was a couple steps ahead of you.
I thing I want you to know, I still miss you.

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